UN System-wide Knowledge Hub on Addressing Sexual Harassment in the UN System

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"I reaffirm my total commitment to the UN's zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment. In this effort and beyond, my message is simple: we will not tolerate sexual harassment anytime, anywhere. And we will continue to change the dynamic and put greater power into the hands of women to prevent and end sexual harassment and all abuse of power in the UN."


- Mr. António Guterres, UN Secretary-General



The UN System-wide Knowledge Hub on Addressing Sexual Harassment is a repository of resources, best practices and tools on the UN system's efforts to prevent and address sexual harassment.

The Knowledge Hub is part of the efforts of the CEB Task Force on Addressing Sexual Harassment to enhance coordination across the UN system. It brings together resources from across the UN family on addressing sexual harassment, to enhance transparency and facilitate easier access to key documents for internal and external audiences. It is available to all UN personnel, Member States and civil society.


ClearCheck Database – Data and Statistics 

La base de données de sélection ClearCheck est un outil essentiel à l’échelle du système pour éviter l’embauche et la réembauche de personnes dont la relation de travail avec une organisation du système des Nations Unies a pris fin parce qu’il a été établi qu’elles avaient commis des actes de harcèlement sexuel ou d’exploitation et d’abus sexuels. Elle permet également d’inclure les personnes faisant l’objet d’allégations en suspens qui quittent l’Organisation avant la fin de l’enquête et/ou de la procédure disciplinaire.

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UN Support Mechanisms

You can find here more information on the UN Support Mechanisms for UN personnel and on the avenues for support within the UN system.   

UN Support Mechanisms for victims/survivors of sexual harassment
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