Dismissal, resignation, and redunancy

Sexual Harassment at Work Handbook - Part 3 - Dismissal, resignation, and redundancy

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 Dismissal, resignation, and redunancy

The Rights of Women Sexual Harassment at Work Handbook has been written in three parts to provide information and support to women survivors of sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as their families, friends, trade unions and other organisations that support them. It has been designed to help survivors understand their legal rights to recognise sexual harassment in the workplace and make informed choices about reporting and challenging it alongside understanding what support is available. This handbook sets out the relevant law and explains the different stages of the legal process from grievances, investigations, settlement agreements and beginning an Employment Tribunal claim, as well as related employment rights if the surivor is losing your job or thinking about resigning because of sexual harassment in the workplace. The handbook applies to nearly all jobs, industries, and professional sectors, as well as nearly all the different types of workers. In it we recognise the various types of harassment, abuse and oppression working women face in England and Wales and how these intersect with multiple types of harassment and discrimination.  

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